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Jeff FlakeianIt is rare that we publish articles here about politicians or celebrities that consider themselves to be conservatives.  Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is a dishonor to the GOP and a Swamp leader in DC.  Elected as a right-wing anti-McCain type candidate, he has disappointed most of his early supporters.  He established an anti-Trump stance early in the 2016 election choosing to side with any establishment candidate that opposed the eventual nominee.  Even after the selection process, in which Trump defeated some 69 other candidates, Flake was vocally opposed to the Trumpian agenda.

Finally writing a book labeled by some as “Conscience of a Constipated Conservative” it describes how a “Swamp” member should operate in corrupt Washington, D.C.  Nobody heard from this Flakeian ‘so called’ conservative during the corrupt Obama years, not a peep.  With the election of the people’s true conservative, Flake now feels it is his duty as a sworn member of the anti-Trumpian wing of the GOP aka known as the never trump movement to flap his jaw while hawking his book on every FakeNews channel in existence.  Flake is up for re-election next year and should be Term Limited out of office.

There is a great exposure of this phony closet liberal in the article below:

There’s two competing visions of the Republican Party. One is Trumpian and the other is Flakeian. As in the Arizona senator, Jeff Flake. One or the other will prevail in the fight for the GOP. The nation’s future hinges, in large part, on which side wins.  Throughout the Obama years, Senator Flake and Flakeians took the high ground. No mud wrestling with the president. Flakeians, apparently, are Olympians.

Earthly affairs are grubby. Mortals are too flawed and dumb to understand the world’s complexities – too petty, too quarrelsome. Wrote Flake last Monday for Politico:  Who could blame the people who felt abandoned and ignored by the major parties for reaching in despair for a candidate who offered oversimplified answers to infinitely complex questions and managed to entertain them in the process? With hindsight, it is clear that we all but ensured the rise of Donald Trump.

Flake, the conservative purebred, has arrived — by DC standards. He sees nothing but shades of gray. The masses were spoon-fed “oversimplified answers to infinitely complex questions” by Trump, who, at least, kept tens of millions of chimpanzee-like voters amused. Had the sophisticates in both parties done better at herding the rabble, no distressing Trump presidency.  Hillary has no corner on condescension.  Trumpians are tough, roll up-your-sleeves, get-it-done folk. They’re long sick and tired of the collusion.

Not the faux Russian collusion, but the very real Washington collusion — between Democrats and Republicans. The GOP went all pigs-at-the-trough in the 2000s. All the while government ballooned, red tape tangled the nation more, debts mounted, illegals poured in, and basic liberties were challenged. The nation’s mores and culture slid deeper into the latrine.

Republicans did a superb job yielding — or just giving away — ground in inches
and yards to Obama and Democrats, while winking and telling voters that it was
about keeping their powder dry. At the right time — Bang! Pow! — the GOP would
come out fightin’. Democrat black-hats would get it good.

Fightin’ congressional Republicans’ DC consultants advised that there was no
upside to being a genuine opposition party. Some theater was okay; in fact,
necessary. Vote against ObamaCare routinely. But don’t act seriously to derail
ObamaCare. Focus groups and surveys showed the GOP couldn’t win a fight with
Obama. So just fake it to pacify base voters.

With an enthusiastic president and congressional majorities, Republicans still aren’t repealing and replacing. Imagine that?  Flake has a book on the market, which was the underlying point of the Politico article: to pimp it. The book is entitled the Conscience of a Conservative. Flake’s bleating could be called the “Conscience of a Constipated Conservative,” but that would mislead. Read through the article — which is the pith of the book. Flake isn’t constipated; he’s gone native — that’s DC. Too much yucking it up with Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, and Morning Joe. He’s in the establishment tank.

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