About Us


A site dedicated to assisting GOP conservative candidates to become president of the united States. We will track the campaign of all and assist the BoycottLameSteam Media in getting their facts straight and preventing any democrat from being elected. Thank you for your interest in our site.  We believe in Term Limits, State’s Rights, and other causes that will defeat the #DCPolitburo and the Democrat Party.

So please check back with us to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions on your favorite (or least favorite) candidates! Thanks for your interest………The Team of WEBMasters at OfPolicies.com

Our earlier websites include Clinton Failed Policies which is a follow up on the Obama Failed Policies which was started shortly after Obama got elected president.   Recently a revision was created Failed Obama Policies which updated the web site to the latest HTML5 and PHP web state of the art standards.  The reason we have created this site is in case the voting ignorance of the U.S. chooses to elect Hillary and we are cursed with eight more years of Obama failures.

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